Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Virginia Kay: Portside.org: Classical Music Steps In for BlackLivesMatter - Classical Notes Add to Voices of Protest [John McLaughlin Williams & Kelly Hall-Tompkins involved]

Virginia Kay is the daughter of the late African American composer Ulysses Kay (1917-1995), who is featured at AfriClassical.com.  She forwards a compilation from Portside.org about The Dream Unfinished, a concert on July 13, 2016 which was organized by Eun Lee.  We posted several items related to the event before it took place, but this list includes information about the concert itself as well as the events leading up to it:

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Here's a sad, if inspiring collection for your site,

William Robin; Priscilla Fran

July 10, 2016
On July 13, 2015, Sandra Bland died while in police custody in Texas. On July 13, 2016, the one-year anniversary of her tragic death, The Dream Unfinished held a concert to commemorate her and the large number of Black women impacted by police killings. Whether Black women and girls are killed by police directly; their loved ones are killed by police; or police refuse to intervene or respond - Black women, girls, and femmes are affected by police brutality and killings.

Eun Lee, center, of The Dream Unfinished, has organized an orchestral concert at Cooper Union to benefit the Black Lives Matter movement., Credit via The Dream Unfinished // New York Times

Here is a link to the series of articles at the Portside.org website:

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Hello Bill.  Thank you! So glad to  see that clicking thru to the Sound Cloud link to Courtney Bryan's music, the link  remains active.  Warm regards,  Virginia [Virginia Kay]

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