Monday, May 23, 2016

Charleston Gospel Choir At 2016 Piccolo Spoleto: The Black Pupil: Educated Against All Odds, Saturday, May 28, 5 PM, Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church

The Black Pupil: Educated Against All Odds
The Epic Story of How Black Education Triumphed
David A. Richardson, Director

May 23, 2016 Charleston SCThe Charleston Gospel Choir is pleased to present its The Black Pupil: Educated Against All Odds, The Epic Story of How Black Educators Triumphed, Saturday, May 28 at Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 405 King Street, Charleston, 5:00 pm under the musical direction of David A. Richardson as part of the 2016 Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

Through song and narration, the performance weaves the story of the historical struggle and perseverance of black students denied equal access to formal education and the will and persistence of black educators to develop the black community’s intellectuals and scholars despite all odds. 

The internationally acclaimed Charleston Gospel Choir will perform moving gospel standards from Post-Reconstruction through the Jim Crow era including Precious Memories, Beams of Heaven, Grateful and At the Altar All to tell the story how newly educated black children and teachers triumphed over deplorable conditions that included one-room classrooms with little or no heat.
“The 1970s ushered in an era of post-Vietnam male teachers, a trend that has since decreased over the years. These men provided black male role models who were part of the unique “it takes a village” model I knew growing up in Berkeley County. The entire community, black and white educators, were vested and strongly behind black pupils’ success. Education is such a life-defining part of the human experience; though separate but “not” equal continues to be a part of the American experience,  this story means a great deal to me and our diverse choir members,” said Lee Pringle, Charleston Gospel Choir President and event producer.

“The legacy of educators we all take with us throughout life. I am once again moved as an educator to conduct this Piccolo Spoleto performance to reflect on the gifts of those long gone but whose legacy continues to live long after they are no longer with us,” said David A. Richardson, Music Director.

Piccolo Spoleto Tickets and Information
Charleston Gospel Choir
The Black Pupil: Educated Against All Odds
Saturday, May 28, 2016 ∙ 5:00pm
Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 405 King Street, Charleston SC

General Admission tickets:
$21 adults
$11 children or students with ID
Tickets:; (866) 811-4111; at door (cash or check only) up to one half hour before event

About the Charleston Gospel Choir
Now in its sixteenth year, the Charleston Gospel Choir and currently under the direction of David A. Richardson, Charleston’s celebrated culturally diverse choir, performs gospel, spirituals and sacred music for annual concert events including a Palm Saturday weekend performance, Charleston Gospel Christmas, Piccolo Spoleto and regional events throughout the southeast and numerous engagements in Europe including Paris, London, Rome and Prague and Ghana West Africa. The Choir will tour Cuba summer 2017.

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