Thursday, March 12, 2015

Michael S. Wright asks BBC why Distinguished Composers of African Descent are not on BBC Radio 3 Program for International Women's Day

Florence Beatrice Price, Margaret Allison Bonds
and Tania Justina León are profiled at,
which features a comprehensive Works List and a 
Bibliography for Florence Price and Margaret Bonds
by Dr. Dominique-
René de Lerma, 

Michael S. Wright forwards this letter he has sent to the BBC:

Dear Sirs,

I note that BBC Radio 3 are doing a lot to celebrate women composers as part of International Women’s Day. I have looked through the programmes to see what is on in the hope that I may find that works by Florence Price (1887-1953), Undine Smith Moore (1904 – 1989), Julia Amanda Perry (1924 –1979), Margaret Bonds (1913 - 1972), Valerie Capers (b. 1935), Betty Jackson King (1928 - 1994), Tania León (b. 1943), Dorothy Rudd Moore (b. 1940), Zenobia Powell Perry (1914 - 2004), Regina A. Harris Baiocchi (b. 1956) to mention some. All of these composers are most distinguished in the field of ‘classical’ music. My question to the BBC is why do we have this gap?

Also, please check out

Michael Wright

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