Saturday, March 14, 2015

'From Selma To Montgomery: The Long March To Freedom' by Barbara Harris Combs

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The Legacy of Selma

Fifty years have passed since the historic voting rights marches between Selma and Montgomery, but their legacy is ongoing. The fiftieth anniversary of the marches this year, as well as the recently released film Selma, offers us a chance to reflect on the lasting impact of the marches and the struggle that continues today.

Barbara Harris Combs, professor of Sociology and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, says, “ light of demonstrations going on around the country incented by events like Ferguson, Missouri, [the marches]resonate with audiences today. The same civil unrest and racial discord at work fifty years ago persists now.”

Combs’ book, From Selma to Montgomery: The Long March to Freedom chronicles the marches, placing them in the context of the long Civil Rights Movement, and considers the legacy of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, drawing parallels with contemporary issues of enfranchisement.

Combs says, “The unrest of today is largely unresolved unrest from the past. As a result, we can learn from the Selma story. From Selma to Montgomery offers some of those lessons and it gives insight into the process of social change. Global scale transformation can be started by a few change agents and then sustained on a large scale when their message is carried to the many. I believe this story can be instructive in showing the way.”

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