Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kalena Bovell, Graduate Student in Orchestral Conducting, is Guest Conductor of Hartt Orchestra in Bartok & Handel 7:30 PM Thu. Oct. 2, 2014, West Hartford, CT

Kalena Bovell Conducts

Kalena Bovell

Kalena Bovell writes:

Hello Mr. Zick,

My name is Kalena Bovell and I am currently an Orchestral Conducting student at The Hartt School. I discovered the Africlassical Blog and I think it is wonderful. I am writing to ask if I may please list my information such as website and a short bio on Africlassical?

Thank you.


We invited Kalena Bovell to submit a bio and a photo, along with a link to her Beethoven video on, and she has done so:

Hello Mr. Zick,

Thank you for your response and for your support. Below you will find my short bio which I am also attaching. 

Kalena Bovell served as the Assistant Conductor to the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra for two seasons. In 2012, she premiered two concerti with the Foot In the Door contemporary music ensemble at The Hartt School. That same year, she also conducted Eleanor Hovdas’ Ariadnemusic. She received a coaching by Michael Morgan and has participated in two conducting workshops led by Kenneth Kiesler. Most recently Kalena was selected to be a participant at the prestigious Conductors Institute of South Carolina where she worked with Donald Portnoy, Peter Jaffe and Jorge Mester. Kalena is currently a Graduate Professional Diploma student in Instrumental Conducting at The Hartt School where she is a student of Edward Cumming.

Here is a link to my website:

Here is also a link to Roman Carnival Overture which I was conducting during the fall of 2013.

As requested, attached you will find three photos. 

I truly thank you so much for the opportunities and I look forward to hearing from you.


Kalena's website lists an upcoming event:
October 2, 2014
The Hartt Orchestra, Guest Conductor
Bartok Rumanian Dances
Handel Sarabande (arr. Edward Cumming)

Location: University of Hartford The Hartt School

Alfred C. Fuller Music Center Millard Auditorium 

Time: 7:30pm

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