Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicago A Cappella Records 'Bound For Glory: New Settings Of African-American Spirituals' on Gothic Records; Rollo Dilworth & Moses Hogan Among Arrangers

Bound For Glory: New Settings Of African-American Spirituals
Chicago A Cappella
Jonathan Miller, Artistic Director
Gothic Records G-49282

Moses Hogan

I Want to be Ready---Hogan, Moses
Hear de Lambs a-cryin'---Carey, Paul *
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?---Crabtree, Paul *
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me---Lett, Colin *
Sistah Mary---Dilworth, Rollo *
Save Me, Lord!---Morris, Robert L. *
Great Day---Garrett, Marques L. A. *
Wayfarin' Stranger---Scott, K. Lee
Go Down 'n the Valley and Pray!---Thomas, Andre
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen---Jennings, Joseph *
Wade in the Water---Hogan, Moses
This Train---Walker, Gwyneth
Little David (Old Testament Spirituals)---Miller, Jonathan *
Daniel, Moses, Joshua (Old Testament Spirituals)---Miller, Jonathan *
Go Down, Moses---Harris, Robert
Roll, Jordan, Roll!---Dilworth, Rollo *
Give me Jesus---Anderson, Lela
Way over in Beulah-lan'---Jennings, Joseph *
* indicates world premier recording
Chicago a Cappella is "Chicago's best unaccompanied group"
(Chicago Magazine)
"The city's liveliest, most versatile vocal ensemble."
(Chicago Tribune).
This is their debut album on Gothic.
Complete booklet can be viewed at
Gothic Records G-49282 

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