Monday, June 7, 2010

Fredomusic, Inc.: “The FESAAM 2011 poster is a free JPEG downloadable online”

[FESAAM 2011]

Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke of African Musical Arts, Inc. sent us this poster for the March 31-April 3 Festival of African & African-American Music in St Louis, also known as FESAAM 2011,

Today AfriClassical received an inquiry about the availability of the poster. Elzena Johnson of Fredomusic, Inc. has answered the question:

“The official FESAAM 2011 email is” “The FESAAM 2011 poster is a free JPEG downloadable online at Copy the poster and print. Upon request, higher PDF resolutions in sizes in 11x17 and 18x24 are available for commercial printing. We charge you only for the production and mailing cost.”
Elzena Johnson

Special Guests:
Oboist Althea Talbot-Howard (UK)
Pianist Silvia Belfiore (Italy)
Pianist William Chapman Nyaho (Renton, WA)
Soprano Marlissa Hudson (Washington, DC)
Pianist Darryl Hollister (Boston, MA)
Flutist Wendy Hymes (Saint Louis, MO)
Soprano Dawn Padmore (New York, NY)
[Dr. William Chapman Nyaho (b. 1958) is an African American pianist, professor and music editor who has a personal website,, and is profiled at He has recorded two CDs of piano works by Composers of African Descent and has compiled and edited a landmark 5-volume series of sheet music, published by Oxford University Press, Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora.]

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