Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jade Simmons is Webcast Host for 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

[Revolutionary Rhythm; Jade Simmons, Piano; Russell Pinkston, Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, & Daniel Bernard Roumain, Composers; E1 Entertainment KIC CD 7760 (2009)]

AfriClassical presents excerpts from a press release from Jade Media:
“Jade Simmons as Eloquent, Fashionable Face of the Cliburn
Houston-based pianist Jade Simmons set to serve as first ever webcast host for the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Broadcast live on, viewers will see Jade along with occasional co-host Steve Cumming (radio broadcaster and the announcer for the competition) conduct live interviews and introduce all concerts and special features. The Cliburn specifically stated they did not want a "stuffy" production and invited Jade to bring her personality, humor and sense of style to work with her. As a performer she is known for her electrifying stage presence as well as her eloquent and often humorous concert commentary in addition to her stylish wardrobe.

For the duration of the competition, on the Jade Simmons' NewMuseic YouTube channel ( she will also run her own daily blog called Keeping up with the Kliburn (a play on the title of popular E! reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians) and invites people to rate her ever-changing webcast wardrobe in a special video blog feature called Did Jade Make the Grade?” “Most recently, Jade made her recording debut on the E1 Music label (formerly KOCH Records) with Revolutionary Rhythm, an eclectic collection of Contemporary and Modern American piano music including Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, Austin-based electronic music composer Russell Pinkston, and Haitian-American violinist/composer Daniel Bernard Roumain AKA DBR.” “For more info on Jade Simmons please visit:"

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