Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Second Anniversary of 'Twenty-Four Studies in African Rhythms, Vol. One' of Fred Onovwerosuoke


Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke is a Ghanaian-born American composer, as well as Founder and President of African Musical Arts, Inc. He sends us this news: “Please alert your readers to our just updated catalogue at African Music Publishers. The online link is http://africarts.org/AMP/index.html and here inquirers can download a PDF copy of the catalogue as well. My book TWENTY-FOUR STUDIES IN AFRICAN RHYTHMS, VOLUME ONE celebrates its two years of publication this month (May 27) and remains our number 1 best seller.” “Response to these Etudes has been most humbling, and I have pianist William Chapman Nyaho's concert circuit and CD, ASA, to thank for much of this attention. Italian pianist Silvia Belfiore continues to swell this interest in Europe with her now very popular MUSICA DALL' AFRICA.”

African Musical Arts is: “A non-profit parent organization for African Chorus, African Music Publishers and the New Horizons Orchestra.” “The African Musical Arts, Inc (formerly, St. Louis African Chorus) was founded 1994 to foster a better understanding of Africa’s culture through the musical arts. The organization focuses on programming choral music by composers of African origin or descent.” “That the African Musical Arts is a unique organization is evident in its capacity as pro tem lead organization of the International Consortium for the Music of Africa and its Diaspora (ICMAD).”

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