Monday, May 18, 2009

Classical Music of Selected Black Composers and Performers in the United Kingdom

[Althea Ifeka, Nigerian Oboist]

A reader who lives in London, England sends us comments in an email, calling a “fantastic website” and asking for information on classical music performances featuring Black composers or musicians in the United Kingdom. Our reply includes links to AfriClassical posts: “Many thanks for your kind words for my website. My contact in London is Mike S. Wright, Chair of the International Society of African to American Music. I am certain he can help you locate performances featuring music by Black composers or performers, particularly performances of the works of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. Britain has a number of up-and-coming musicians of African descent.

“One is the pianist and singer from Belize, Errollyn Wallen. Another is the Nigerian oboist Althea Ifeka. Annamarie Ewing is a musician who has a website and organizes concerts of music of Black composers. Then there is the Nigerian duo pianist Glen Inanga. Ivan Kiwuwa is a Ugandan pianist.” Mike Wright adds: “This is a useful link: 

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