Thursday, April 9, 2009

Was Leo Brouwer's Guitar Work 'Un Dia de Noviembre' Originally Composed for Piano?

AfriClassical has received a research inquiry on the music of the Afro-Cuban guitarist, composer and conductor Leo Brouwer. Timothy Mahn writes: “Recently we were treated to a spontaneous after-dinner guitar concert by a visiting Japanese exchange student. In conversation with the young man, with him knowing I play piano, he told me 'Un Dia de Noviembre' [A day in November] was originally composed for piano and had evolved into a guitar favorite over time. I am interested in obtaining a piano version of this piece, hopefully by the composer himself but find myself leadless after much online searching and speaking with my local music store. Should you have any information concerning this subject I would be appreciative to hear it. Thank you, Tim Mahn” The Leo Brouwer page at includes the cover art of A day in November; Adam Khan, guitar; Dinmore DRD052.

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