Monday, January 14, 2008

Wilmer Wise: Photo of Jerome Ashby In Brass Quintet

[Photo of Jerome Ashby in a brass quintet; provided by Carl Sakofsky to Wilmer Wise]

Rashida Black of has forwarded a message from Wilmer Wise in memory of Jerome Ashby:

"Jerome Ashby-R.I.P.

I first encountered Jerry Ashby in the seventies when he was a high
school student. Jerry played one of the Mozart horn concerti with the
American Symphony. Later, I met him when he was a member of the
Symphony of the New World horn section. I think he was still a
student at Juilliard.

Here is a picture of Jerry when we played a brass quintet concert.
The other players are: David Finlayson on Trombone, Warren Deck on
Tuba, Carl Sakofsky on Trumpet and yours truly on trumpet.
David, Warren and Jerry were members of the NY Philharmonic. Carl
Sakofsky, who provided this photo, and Jerry played in an orchestra
in Mexico City."

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