Monday, January 14, 2008

“George Bridgetower: Art, Liberty & Slavery 1807”, Excels As Black History Resource

[Copyright: The British Library]  

George Bridgetower: Art, Liberty & Slavery 1807 is a multimedia educational
resource featuring a wealth of instructional material on George Bridgetower,
Beethoven's Black Violinist, from the City of London Festival "In this website and resource we take
a close look at George Bridgetower and his relationship with Beethoven.
We also examine other artists, writers and musicians who were working at
the same time as Bridgetower, with a special focus on their relationship to
the anti-slavery movement." The Six Lessons include video of the Soweto
Gospel Choir singing a very lively rendition of Swing Down, and a soft and
tender account of I Bid You Goodnight. They also feature the Adagio of
the Kreutzer Sonata, which Beethoven originally dedicated to Bridgetower,
and a video of an interview with Julian Joseph, composer of the jazz opera
Bridgetower: A Fable of 1807.

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