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March 1, 2015 76th Birthday of Afro-Cuban Composer, Guitarist & Conductor Leo Brouwer Comes on Eve of 19th National Chamber Music Festival March 4-8

Leo Brouwer, Born March 1, 1939, 
is featured at

Leo Brouwer: String Quartets, String Trio
The Havana String Quartet
Zoho Classix ZM 201108 (2011)

The Afro-Cuban composer, classical guitarist and conductor we now know as Leo Brouwer was named Juan Leovigildo Brouwer when he came into the world in Havana, Cuba on March 1, 1939. He is featured at

Leo Brouwer's 76th birthday today, March 1, 2015, comes on the eve of Cuba's 19th National Chamber Music Festival in Santa Clara, March 4-8, 2015, according to a February 28, 2015 article in the newspaper Granma.  The Spanish article was translated to English via Google Translate.  Classical virtuosos from throughout the country are scheduled to perform at a variety of venues in the city.

Leo Brouwer's enormous influence on guitar music in particular and classical music in general is demonstrated by more than a hundred recordings on which he has played, composed or conducted. Brouwer's compositions reflect classical, Afro-Cuban, jazz and avant-garde influences. His many film scores have brought his music to the attention of a huge audience around the world. Brouwer's influence in his native country results in part from the important positions he has held in Cuban music institutions.

Leo Brouwer is Founder and Conductor Emeritus of the Orquesta de Córdoba in Spain.  He founded the Havana String Quartet in 1980.  In 2011 the Zoho Classix label released the Quartet's CD of Leo Brouwer's String Quartets 1-4, and his String Trio from 1959.  The recording won a Latin Grammy in 2010, and was very favorably reviewed by music critics.  An April, 2013 release on the Zoho label combines music of Leo Brouwer and The Beatles, with Carlos Barbosa-Lima joining the Havana String Quartet.

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Dear Bill, Thank you very much for your congratulations  to Mtro Leo Brouwer! I will send you info on our new Festival Les Voix Humaines (Havana, Sept 25 – Oct 18. 2015).. All the best, Isa  [Isabelle Hernandez, Office of Leo Brouwer]

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