Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dr. Stan Ford of Salzburg Mozarteum Presents Works of Ulysses Kay, Howard Swanson, H. Leslie Adams & Scott Joplin to Austrian Teachers at Lecture/Recital

Dr. Stan Ford
(Photo: Wiley Price)

Allerseelen: Romantic Songs for Cello and Piano

[Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss & Hugo Wolf]

[H. Leslie Adams, Ulysses Kay and Scott Joplin are profiled at, which features a Works List and Bibliography for H. Leslie Adams and Ulysses Kay by Dr. Dominique-René de Lerma,]

Dr. Stan Ford has recorded a CD, Allerseelen: Romantic Songs for Cello and Piano, on which he performs works of Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss and Hugo Wolf.  He writes:

Dear Sir,
I recently had the honor of adjudicating at a piano competition for Austrian youth called Prima la musica. Over 500 aspired young pianists throughout Austria competed at the regional level. The winners earned the right to represent their region at the national level in June. One of the winners performed a piano solo work from composer Valerie Capers’ Suite “Portraits in Jazz” which will be performed at the national level early June in Vienna, Austria. This work and works of other Black composers, Ulysses Kay (10 Short Essays), Howard Swanson (The Cookoo), Leslie Adams (3 Preludes), Scott Joplin (Piano Rags) were among the literature I had the pleasure of presenting to Austrian teachers at a lecture recital where I introduced teaching material of American composers. (see attachment).

Dr. Stan Ford, Professor of Piano at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

Comment by email:
Stan, How absolutely wonderful!
1) That you are spreading African-American piano literature to Austrian teachers
2) That your students are winning competitions with it and you have caused it to become part of the competition literature
3) That you are in communication with Afri-Classical musicians
4) That you have introduced me to the website AND blog.
Thank you very much for this email.

Diane  [Diane Smoot]

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billd said...

Dr. Stan Ford: This news is wonderful. I work with additional African American composers whose music you may not yet have scores for. Please contact me and visit my Black Composers resource blog
Cordially, Bill Doggett