Monday, March 11, 2013

TEMA Youth Choir of Accra, Ghana Repays 2007 Visit of Morgan State University Choir With Choral Reunion Today

Dr. Eric Conway of Morgan State University writes of a choral reunion visit to MSU today from the TEMA Youth Choir of Accra, Ghana:

Hello everyone,
Today, the Morgan State University choir had a very special group of visitors - the TEMA Youth Choir from Accra, Ghana. In 2007, the MSU choir travelled to Ghana at the invitation of U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, Pamela Bridgewater. We made so many friends in Ghana, that even today via internet and social media, we are still connected in 2013. Many of our concerts in Ghana were presented jointly with local Ghanaian choirs. One of the choirs that sang with us was the TEMA Youth Choir. Over the years, I have kept in contact with the director of this group, Ebenezer Allottey. For you see, he and I are cosmically connected - we share the same birthday! When he said that his group was going to be in the US, I said that you absolutely must drop by and share time with my choir. Today, we sang for their choir. Their choir sang for us. And finally, we sang one of their songs together. What a great exchange! See photos attached...from the time spent today. Enjoy.

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