Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eric Conway: Morgan's Fine and Performing Arts Department Will Present 'Sweet Honey In The Rock' Friday, March 8, 2013 8 PM

Dr. Eric Conway of Morgan State University writes:

Hello everyone,

Morgan's Fine and Performing Arts Department will present Sweet Honey in the Rock in concert on Friday, March 8, 2013 8PM in the Gilliam Concert Hall at Murphy Fine Arts Center.  Please save this date.  Tickets will be available at TICKETMASTER® by next week!

Eric Conway, D.M.A.
Fine and Performing Arts Department, Chairperson
Morgan State University

Sweet Honey In The Rock
Founded by Bernice Johnson Reagon in 1973 (with Mie, Carol Maillard and Louise Robinson) at the D.C. Black Repertory Theater Company, SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK, internationally renowned a cappella ensemble, has been a vital and innovative presence in the music culture of Washington, D.C., and in communities of conscience around the world.

From Psalm 81:16 comes the promise to a people of being fed by honey out of the rock. Honey – an ancient substance, sweet and nurturing. Rock – an elemental strength, enduring the winds of time. The metaphor of sweet honey in the rock captures completely these African American women whose repertoire is steeped in the sacred music of the Black church, the clarion calls of the civil rights movement, and songs of the struggle for justice everywhere.

Rooted in a deeply held commitment to create music out of the rich textures of African American legacy and traditions, SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK possesses a stunning vocal prowess that captures the complex sounds of Blues, spirituals, traditional gospel hymns, rap, reggae, African chants, Hip Hop, ancient lullabies, and jazz improvisation. SWEET HONEY’s collective voice, occasionally accompanied by hand percussion instruments, produces a sound filled with soulful harmonies and intricate rhythms.

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