Sunday, September 11, 2011

Louise Temple-Rosebrook on Florence Price: “I'll play...'Peter Go Ring Dem Bells'”; “I'm enjoying...her music”

[TOP: Florence Price: Symphony No. 3; Mississippi River Suite; The Oak; The Women's Philharmonic; Apo Hsu, Conductor; Koch 3 75182H1 (2001) (69:58)] BOTTOM: Dr. Louise Temple-Rosebrook, Organist]

Earlier today AfriClassical posted: “ Organist Louise Temple-Rosebrook in Music of Florence B. Price & Other Women Sept. 16.” We asked Dr. Temple-Rosebrook if she could tell us what music of Florence Price she will perform. She replied:

“Sure--I'll play 8 of the variations on the spiritual, 'Peter Go Ring Dem Bells'. I'm enjoying learning and performing her music.”

Florence Beatrice Smith Price (1887-1953) is profiled at, which features a comprehensive Works Lists by Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma, Here is his entry Variations on a Folksong, Peter Go Ring Dem Bells:

Variations on a folksong, Peter go ring dem bells, for organ. Fayetteville AR: ClarNan, 1995 (Music of Florence Beatrice Price, vol. 1). Duration: 12:58.

CD: Frances Nobert, organ (Rosales/Glatter-Göz, 1998; Congregational Church, Claremont CA). Ravel OAR-550 (Music she wrote; Organ compositions by women).

CD: Calvert Johnson, organ (3m Harrison & Harrison; Christ Church, Savannah). Calcante CAL-014 (Chicago Renaissance woman; Florence Price organ works).

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