Thursday, September 8, 2011

Joyce Adewumi: Our partner is Harlem African Burial Ground; supporters include Harlem Arts Alliance

[Prof. Akin Euba and Joyce Adewumi]

Joyce Adewumi provides additional information on Dialogue:

"We are actually doing this event in partnership
with Harlem African Burial Ground,
and we are receiving support from
Harlem Arts Alliance and other organizations."

To mark the United Nations’
International Year for
People of African Descent

The New York African Chorus Ensemble Inc
In partnership with

The Harlem African Burial Ground Task Force

Invites Everyone To Join Us For This International Conference & Festival

Dialogue: Africa Meets North America In Harlem
Sunday, October 30 – Wednesday, November 3, 2011

This is a historic gathering of people of
African descent from all over the world.

Registration for the full conference is $70.00 USD
and does not include meals or other
activities that require payment.

Brief Highlights:

Sun. October 30th from 11am -7pm - a historic memorial for our African ancestors who built
Harlem and indeed NYC starting at the Crack is Wack Park at 127th Street and 2nd avenue, &
continuing at the Elmendorf Reformed Church located at 121st Street bet. Lexington and 3rd

Mon. October 31st at the Harlem State Office Building: Panel discussions, Christopher Moore of
the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture presents a lecture on the history of Africans in
New York and Harlem, and Chief Dr. Atanda from Nigeria will present an address titled ‘The
traditional African perspective on Slavery’. The international concert at the Schomburg’s Langston
Hughes Auditorium is from 6pm – 9pm.

• Tues. November 1st at the Harlem State Office Building: Panel discussions, round table discussions
involving the literary leaders in African Music. Discussants include

Prof. J.H. Kwabena Nketia (Ghana)
90 years old and referred to as the father of African Music

Prof. Halim El Dabh (Egypt)

Prof. Meki Nzewi (South Africa)

Prof. Kofi Agawu (USA)

Prof. Mosumola Obidike (Nigeria)

Panel discussion by Ambassadors from different African countries. The day concludes
with a reception involving the participation of celebrities, diplomatic community, and elected
officials. The admission for this reception is $20.00.

Wed. November 2nd at the Harlem State office Building: An international business forum to
facilitate cultural exchanges between Africa and Harlem, Dr Delores McCray, special guest speaker.
Networking. The evening is rounded off with “Slave Warrior”, a film by Oliver Mbamara which
reveals real untold accounts of Slavery.

For more info please see our website
[Prof. Akin Euba
is featured at,
where a complete Works List has been compiled by
Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma]

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