Saturday, June 11, 2011

James P. Johnson Grave Marker Financed By 2009 'Rent Party'

[James P. Johnson Grave Marker]

James Price Johnson

Feb. 1, 1894 - Nov. 17 1955

Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather

Master American Pianist and Composer

The Dean of Jazz Pianists

“As reported in my post from September 17, 2009 and October 7, 2009 posts, the James P. Johnson Foundation, the Johnson family and Smalls Club organized an all day 'rent party' to raise money to buy a monument to commemorate this great musician who so far rested in peace in an unmarked grave in Maspeth, Queens, Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

“The event met with success and this is the proof (thanks to Maspeth on” [James P. Johnson is profiled at, which employs the research of Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma of Lawrence University Conservatory, and focuses on his classical works such as Yamekraw: A Negro Rhapsody]

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