Monday, December 8, 2008

Comment On Baltimore Sun Article On Small Number of Black Musicians in U.S. Orchestras

[12-6-08 Strings – Claudia, AnLeia, Brian, Laura, Cara]

Yesterday AfriClassical posted: “Baltimore Sun: 'Few black musicians can be seen performing in the nation's orchestras'”. Early this morning a reply was posted by Jeane Goforth on JEANE @ MYORCH, Scrollworks and Metropolitan Youth Orchestras (of Central Alabama): “We're Trying!” The above photo is one of two accompanying the post. The website of Metropolitan Youth Orchestras and Scrollworks says: “Metropolitan Youth Orchestras of Central Alabama (MYO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing musical talent in the youth of central Alabama. We offer lessons and performance opportunites tailored for the performance level and maturity of each person.” AfriClassical congratulates MYO and other ensembles around the country which are striving to diversify classical music.  Students may benefit from the many resources offered at our companion website,

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Wilmer Wise said...

I reminded Mr. Smith that 43 years ago when I joined the Baltimore Symphony it was front page news. I left the orchestra in 1970 and I haven't heard from them since then.
Why not celebrate the players who are in today's orchestras? In 1965, the year in joined the BSO, there were NO black trumpet players in ANY American orchestra. Today, Billy Ray Hunter is the Co-Principal Trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Tage Larsen is a member of the Chicago Symphony trumpet section.

Langston Fitzgerald joined the Baltimore Symphony Trumpet Section in 1970.
Let's celebrate what we have, not what we would like to see, I'm sure there will be positive results.
Wilmer Wise
Baltimore Symphony 1965-1970
Brooklyn Philharmonic 1971-2004