Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Juarês de Mira Disputes Number of African Slaves Imported to Brazil

[Projeto Negro Spirituals: Um Canto De Liberdade (Negro Spirituals Project: Songs of Freedom)]

Juarês de Mira is an Afro-Brazilian singer who operates the Negro Spirituals Project: Songs of Freedom, in his native Brazil. On Dec. 10, 2007 he made a comment on our post “Why Brazil Sings Spirituals: 3.6 Million African Slaves”, which was based on a UNESCO web presentation:

Thanks for bringing my songs to the public. Please, I will prepare more information about slavery in Brazil. I discovered that the number of slaves were more than you have in your data. The consequences of Slavery in Brazil persist up until today.

Thanks a lot

Best Regard

Juarês de Mira

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