Sunday, December 9, 2007

CBMR Conference, Session 2: Implications of the Mission of the MayDay Group

The Center for Black Music Research of Columbia College Chicago,, has announced its National Conference on Black Music Research, February 14-17, 2008 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Illinois.

Session 2, 3:45–5:15 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14 will be:

Implications of the Mission of the MayDay Group for Facing the Nexus between Research and Teaching in Higher Education

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Teresa Reed (University of Tulsa), moderator

Rosita M. Sands (Columbia College Chicago), The Potential of Black Music Research for Informing Instructional Content and Curricula Design:

“This paper presents a preliminary examination of how the scholarship produced as a result of black music research can make an impact on the teaching of music at all levels, particularly at the level of higher education.”

Robert Tanner (Morehouse College), Beyond Inclusion: New Paradigms for the Teaching of Black Music

Christopher Wilkinson (West Virginia University), An American Pedagogical Dilemma: Black Music Research vs. Conventional Instruction in Music History

The complete Conference Program is available at:

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