Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Michigan: Sphinx at Smith College

[Photo of Aaron P. Dworkin by Bruce Giffin, Detroit Public Television]

Smith College of Northampton, Massachusetts calls itself “the nation’s largest liberal arts college for women”. Celeste E. Whiting writes in Our Michigan on Nov. 5:

Sometimes it's okay to feel really good about Michigan. Even southeast lower Michigan.

This week, Aaron Dworkin, founder and director of the Detroit-based Sphinx Organization visited Smith College. His appearance was part of Smith's annual Otelia Cromwell celebration. Cromwell was the first African American to graduate from Smith. She transferred in her junior year from Howard in 1898.
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Otelia Cromwell graduated in 1900. For more information on her, visit the Otelia Cromwell page, presented by the Black Students Alliance of Smith College. Aaron P. Dworkin is profiled at

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