Monday, November 12, 2007

Comment on 'Why Brazil Sings Spirituals: 3.6 Million African Slaves'

[Photo from website of Juarês De Mira, ]

Mike S. Wright is Chair of the International Society for African to American Music (ISAAM). He has made a comment by E-mail on our post “Why Brazil Sings Spirituals: 3.6 Million African Slaves”, which begins:

UNESCO's web presentation Slavery in Brazil recounts the long and brutal history of African slavery in Brazil, where it is estimated 3.6 million Africans were imported.”

Mike S. Wright comments:

What a coincidence! This very same fact (and quite a few more statistics that the Goverments in countries that bought African Slaves would rather not want us to recall) came up from the guide who took us around Elmina Fort (Ghana) when we visited it during our stay in Ghana.

I am very pleased to hear of Juarês De Mira and would like to know more. Also, I am pleased to see at last, some interest from someone in that country where there seems a disproportionately small representation of classical musicians 'of colour' compared to the very sizable population that exists. Surely there must be others of great talent who have yet to be known outside Brazil or perhaps even outside the township in which they live.

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