Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quincy C. Hilliard, African American Composer for Wind Band

[C. L. Barnhouse, publisher; Variations On An African Hymnsong; Quincy C. Hilliard, composer]

Band Music is a crucial aspect of music education; it touches the lives of millions of children and adults every day, from students and their band directors to audiences at parades, programs and athletic events. Quincy C. Hilliard, Ph.D. is an African American composer of band music. He is prolific and well known, with works available from several companies, including his present publisher, FJH Music Co., Inc. The website offers 105 titles he has written or arranged. We are pleased to present Dr. Hilliard's bio:

Quincy C. Hilliard’s compositions for wind band are published by a variety of well known publishers. He is frequently commissioned to compose works, including one for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and a score for a documentary film, The Texas Rangers. For many years, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) has recognized him with annual awards for the unusually frequent performance of his compositions. Hilliard is regularly invited to conduct, demonstrate effective techniques, and adjudicate festivals throughout the world.

Because Hilliard, the composer, conductor, and educator, is also a scholar of Aaron Copland’s music and life, Copland estate administrators authorized Hilliard to publish the educational performance edition, Copland for Solo Instruments (Boosey and Hawkes, 1999). To train school band students, he wrote Superior Bands in Sixteen Weeks (FJH Music Company, 2003), Chorales and Rhythmic Etudes for Superior Bands (FJH Music, 2004), Theory Concepts, Books One and Two and is the co-author of the Skill Builders, Books One and Two (Sounds Spectacular Series, Carl Fischer, 1996). He is also the co-author of Percussion Time (C.L. Barnhouse Company) which is a collection of music written specifically for the beginning percussion ensemble. He has presented scholarly papers on music theory and analysis at meetings of the College Music Society and the Central Gulf Society of Music Theory (of which he is past president). He has published articles in Opera Journal, The Instrumentalist, School Musician, Bandworld, American Music Teacher, Florida Music Director, and Tennessee Musician.

Hilliard is Composer in Residence and the Heymann Endowed Professor of Music at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Previous teaching positions were at Nicholls State University, Florida International University, North Marion High School (Sparr, Florida) and White Station Junior and Senior High School (Memphis, Tennessee).

He holds the Ph.D. in music theory and composition from the University of Florida where, in 1999, he was recognized as the Outstanding Alumnus of the School of Music. He holds the Masters of Music Education from Arkansas State University and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Mississippi State University where he was designated College of Education 1998 Alumnus of the Year. Hilliard’s early music experience was as a trumpet player in the public elementary and high school of his native Starkville, Mississippi. Dr. Hilliard is also president of Hilliard Music Enterprises, Inc. a personal consulting firm, which has a corporate board of distinguished music educators. He and his wife Rubye have two sons.

Selected Titles

FJH Music Co., Inc., publisher; Africata; product description: Exploring the rhythms and sounds of Africa, Quincy Hilliard uses some unusual percussion sounds as well as clapping and pencils hitting stands. A slow, lyrical section provides excellent opportunities to work on phrasing. The main theme then returns to build to a powerful and exciting conclusion. Perfect for the multicultural portion of your concert!

Band Music Press, publisher: Energico; product description: Delightful music for the beginning band, this outstanding piece features strong rhythms and melodies that are interesting and fun to play. A percussion ensemble is featured in the middle of the piece and every instrument gets to play the melody. Opportunities to develop and display musicianship abound. Right on target for the young band; Quincy C. Hilliard, composer.

Boosey & Hawkes, publisher: Scenes from Billy the Kid, Ghost Dance, Hoe Down; Aaron Copland, composer; Quincy C. Hilliard, arranger.

C. L. Barnhouse, publisher;
Variations On An African Hymnsong; Quincy C. Hilliard, composer.

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Unknown said...

My insrutor in band is a close friend to quincy hillarid so he called him and we got to play for quincy hilliard. and let him tell us how we did. We were playing his peice called kingsridge

Unknown said...

One of our most profound composers of American concert band music. Also an advocate of public school music education.