Friday, September 28, 2007

Field Negro Blog Promotes Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide

The very popular Field Negro blog has been carrying this story on the Sept. 24, 2007 post in AfriClassical, Piano Works of Franck On CD By Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide in its right column for the past few days:

Check Out This Brother
A Nigerian Classical Pianist With The Goods
Thanks Bill Zick For This Link”

Sodi Braide has responded to the interest in his recording:

Thank you so much for spreading info about my cd! I loved both your blog post and the African Loft story.“

Four days after the post was published on AfriClassical, and two days after it was republished on African Loft, interest in Sodi Braide's CD of piano works of César Franck, Lyrinx 249, is unabated. It is clear that the Field Negro blog has brought well-deserved attention to this Nigerian classical pianist with its continuing post. When the CD was released in March it drew appreciative reviews in France, yet until this week it remained unknown to many American fans of classical music.

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