Thursday, April 20, 2017

HuffPost Black Voices: Oprah Wants The World To Know Henrietta Lacks Is A Hidden Figure No More

Katie Maguire of Huffington Post writes:
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Lilly Workneh, HuffPost's Senior Editor of Black Voices, joined a group of all black female reporters on Tuesday to interview Oprah Winfrey about her role in bringing to life the story of Henrietta Lacks in the upcoming HBO film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” 

At the event, which Oprah live-streamed via her Facebook page, she explained why she felt compelled to bring this hiddden figure to light. “When I first read her story in 2010, I wanted to tell the story,” Oprah said. “It is my nature to share everything. I wanted as many people to know about the story as possible ... and so now you do.”

“I worked in Baltimore as a young reporter from the time I was 22 to 30. I lived there, I went to church every Sunday,” Oprah explained. “I am a student of the African American culture ... I have never, in all of my readings, in all of my stories, heard of HeLa or Henrietta Lacks. I could not believe that, how could I have been in this town all this time and never seen one thing about her?”

Read Lilly's full story here.


By Othalie Graham (@OthalieGraham

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