Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nigerian-Romanian Pianist Rebeca Omordia Will Perform 4 of Fred Onovwerosuoke's '24 Studies in African Rhythms' for Solo Piano at Bradfield Festival

Rebeca Omordia and Fred Onovwerosuoke

On May 18, 2015 AfriClassical posted:

Bradfield Festival of Music: Pianist Rebeca Omordia & Saxophonist Amy Dickson Perform 4 of Fred Onovwerosuoke's '24 Studies in African Rhythms' Wed. 24th June 2015

The Nigerian-Romanian pianist Rebeca Omordia has provided a correction regarding the performance of 4 of Fred Onovwerosuoke's 24 Studies in African Rhythms:

Dear Mr Zick,
Thank you very much for writing the post about my 24th June recital at Bradfield Festival - I'm very grateful you've included me on the AfriClassical blog! This is a joint recital with saxophonist Amy Dickson and we'll both perform solo works as well as duo works. However, Fred Onovwerosuoke's African Studies are for solo piano, would it be possible to mention that it is me who will perform these pieces and not me and Amy? Thank you very much.

With best wishes,
Rebeca Omordia

Comment by email:
Thank you very much. Please see below the link for my website where you can find more info on my future performances.  With best wishes,  Rebeca [Rebeca Omordia]  www.rebecaomordia.com 


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