Monday, September 3, 2007

Myrtle Hart Society Promotes Classical Musicians of Color

The Myrtle Hart Society is a nonprofit organization whose Founder/Director is Rashida Black, an African American harpist and music researcher in Chicago. Its motto is: “Illuminating the Accomplishments of Classical Musicians of Color”. Ms. Black launched the website in February 2007, and began publishing the monthly Myrtle Hart Society Newsletter online in March 2007.

The Myrtle Hart Society is a nonprofit organization which accepts charitable contributions. It has the ambitious objective of collecting information on all classical composers, conductors, musicians and vocalists of color. The website evolves from day to day as new biographies and works of music are added.

The Society is named in honor of a virtuoso African American harpist who was born in Chicago in 1878. Myrtle Hart was only 15 when she performed on the harp at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, we are told at the website. The MHS Newsletter has rapidly gained subscribers while adding new features such as CD reviews and guest columns. This informative resource is free. To read it, visit and click on “eNewsletter” in the left column of the home page. If you would like to subscribe, send your E-mail address to:

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Rashida said...

How wonderful. Thanks Bill. Your readers can also subscribe to the monthly MHS eNewsletter by clicking the link on the top left of the homepage, And yes, they can read the archives by clicking
The site is updated weekly. Readers are asked to leave their comments on topics relevant to classical musicians (inclusive of instrumentalists, vocalists, conductor and composers) of color.