Wednesday, September 26, 2007

African Loft Features Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide

The website African Loft, "Where the People and Friends of Africa Mingle", has republished our post Piano Works of Franck on CD by Nigerian Pianist Sodi Braide in an article dated Sept. 26, 2007. We accepted an invitation to submit it, as a "Guest Author". Comments from the site's visitors include these two:

ME: Congratulations to him!!! It makes me happy to see Nigerians in the positive light in main stream media……

Dan: I don't know much about classical music, but it surely feels good seeing Sodi here…a pleasant reminder that Nigeria is not only a nation of greedy legislators…Thanks William!

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Herdingcats said...

It IS nice to see any African in a positive light. Good work!