Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sister Songwriters Receive International Publication of Poetry

(PHILADELPHIA, PA-SEPTEMBER 8, 2022):  Congratulations are in order to poet, author and librettist, DR. HAZEL ANN LEE and her younger sister, composer, librettist and poet, CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE. This gifted award-winning songwriting duo of four operas, recently had two of their inspiring poems published in the noted literary Canadian online daily magazine 50-Word Stories. Hazel’s poem titled “Sunrise on Loran”, a science fiction poem describing vibrant sunrises on an alien planet, was published July 11, 2022. Cynthia’s poem called “Survival in Time”, speaks about the plight of the Native Americans and First Nations people, was published September 7, 2022. Both poems touch on stories about future nature events and survival.  

As distinguished poets and authors the Lee sisters have multiple publications. Some of their most distinctive writings are in their books. The Astronaut’s Window: Collection of Poems and Short Stories Celebrating Nature, a new book by Dr. Hazel Ann Lee includes original fascinating science-fiction poems and short stories. The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Poems and Short Stories on Faith, Love, Nature and Wonder, a book by Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee, includes original inspiring poem tributes honoring famous international figures, including “The Town Crier’s News” dedicated to President Barack Obama, “When Will Love Reign in the World?” for President Nelson Mandela, “The Courageous Astronaut” for Guion S. Bluford, Jr., “Mathematical Genius” for Katherine Johnson, “The Royal Wedding of Hope” to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) and a poem “Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.”

The two uplifting poems, “Survival in Time” by Cynthia and “Sunrise on Loran” by Hazel can be viewed at the following URLs:

“Survival in Time” poetry link:

“Sunrise on Loran” poetry link:

For more information contact the composer, Cynthia Cozette Lee, at Email: or visit her website at:

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