Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pianist Lara Downes and Poet Rita Dove on YouTube in Akron Feb. 5, 2017; Detroit Institute of Arts Presents "Lara Downes: America Again" 7 PM Fri., Feb. 10, 2017

Rita Dove and Lara Downes (4:43)

Lara Downes: America Again

Detroit Institute of Arts
Downes examines America in these turbulent times through the lens of her own mixed African American and Eastern European background, using a breadth of American music across multiple genres and styles. She calls this music a tribute to the generations of Americans-black and white, men and women, immigrants and pioneers - who have dreamed the impossible, telling the stories of their journeys, loves and longings, hardships and hopes.     

Lara Downes writes:

Dear Bill,
Last week in Ohio with Rita Dove

And tomorrow in Detroit!


Lara Downes

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