Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artis Wodehouse performs piano solo transcription by Herman Wasserman of Duke Ellington's 'Sophisticated Lady'

Duke Ellington 
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Sophisticated Lady

Published on Feb 20, 2013
Artis Wodehouse performs the virtuosic Leopold Godowsky-inspired piano solo transcription arrangement by Herman Wasserman of Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Lady. 

Wasserman, who arrived from Europe to the US in 1915 was a pianist, arranger, teacher and composer with deep tentacles into the publishing, teaching, and performing world of the 1920s through the 1950s. A student of Leopold Godowsky and Raphael Joseffy, he is best-known for his editing and arranging of George Gershwin's most important piano works (18 Songs Songbook, Rhapsody in Blue). However, Wasserman also transcribed and arranged numerous works by Duke Ellington, Moszkowski, Jerome Kern, Louis Alter, Pete de Rose, Malneck & Signorelli, Isaac Albenitz and many others. He taught piano to Richard Rogers and the Afro-American pianist, Phillippa Schuyler. He made piano rolls for Ampico, 78 recordings for Dominion, and was responsible for the music for at least one film, "Problem Girl", of 1953. He was also an important instructor in the Hollywood/New York orbit, and worked most notably with Johnny Green.

Video editor is Whitney Slaten. Sound recording was made in Patrych Sound Studio in 2006.

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