Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marvin Rosen on Black Composers Tribute: '...the posted playlist was from the program for last year.'

[Kwanzaa Observance (]

Marvin Rosen of sends corrected information on his annual Kwanzaa Tribute to Black Classical Composers on WPRB Radio in Princeton, New Jersey:

“Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for supporting my program and hope all is well! Just a couple of small things. First of all, my webmistress (my wife) made a mistake. The program date is for 2011 not 2010. You did seem to catch that in your posting.

“Also, the posted playlist was from the program for last year. I am not sure yet which works I will be airing and probably won't until 2 days before since I am doing many extra programs (as you saw) over the holidays. I will have the featured composers posted on my website probably 2 days before.

“Also per FCC regulation I can't announce entire programs in advance. Thanks so much for your support and have a great holiday!

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