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Regina Harris Baiocchi: '2011 Haiku Awards' Saturday, 30 April, 2011 at 10:00 AM

[Regina Harris Baiocchi]

Regina Harris Baiocchi is an accomplished African American composer, educator and poet based in Chicago. explains:

“Haiku Fest is the brainchild of Regina Harris Baiocchi and was inspired by one of her mentors, the late Gwendolyn Brooks, Illinois Poet Laureate. Haiku Fest was founded by Regina in Chicago, IL. Haiku Fest presents poetry readings, workshops, competitions and awards programs.”

Dear Poets, Teachers & Parents:
Thanks for your patience. We are so happy that ~2300 students, 56 schools, and 85 teachers participated in Haiku Festival 2011’s juried event! We look forward to meeting you at our awards program. Please RSVP via email or voice mail asap.

Attached is the list of commendations that will be given at our 7th Annual Haiku Festival Awards Program (or you may scroll down to read). All students who submitted poetry are invited to read if they arrive for the sound check. Here are the particulars:

WHO: Haiku Fest Poets ages 8 to 14 will read their poems.
WHAT: 7th Annual Haiku Festival Awards Program
WHEN: Saturday, 30 April, 2011 at 10:00 AM
WHERE: Harold Washington Library Auditorium, 400 South State Street
HOW: Sound check time is between 9:00 and 9:30 AM
GUESTS: John S. O’Connor; Poetry Fest Keynote Speaker: Nikki Giovanni
NB: You may invite as many guests as you’d like to this free program. Haiku Festival Judges are available for year-round workshops and readings in your school. Winners must be present to receive cash awards.

Please verify receipt of this info. Happy Easter!
Regina Baiocchi
Post Office Box 450
Chicago, IL 60690

7th Annual Haiku Festival Awards, 30 April 2011, 10:00 am

1st Prize, “A garden of lies,” Julia Hedges, age 13, grade 7, University of Chicago Lab School
2nd Prize, “A small blade of grass,” Alina Cui, age 12, grade 7, UCLS
3rd Prize, “A gleaming needle,” Julia Martinez, age 13, grade 8, UCLS

Gwendolyn Brooks Award, “Sweet baby sister,” Brittany Alexander, age 9, grade 4, John Whistler Elementary

Founders’ Award [tie], “The last song to you,” Grace Kubelka: age 12, grade 6, St. Daniel the Prophet; and “Umbra, Penumbra,” Joseph F. Quinn, IV: age 13, grade 8, St. Christina

Teacher of Year: Ms. Joann Serafin; Honorable Mention: Ms. Joan Baley, St. Christina;
Ms. Genaye Parodi, Richard Yates Elementary; Ms. Diane Husar, John Marsh Elementary

School of Year: St. Daniel the Prophet; HM: UCLS; St. Christina; Richard Yates

Honorable Mention:

“Spinning monsters dance,” Josephine Cahill, age 13, grade 8, UCLS
“Youth in Rebellion,” Liam Conlon, age 13, grade 8, UCLS
“The bike was bright red,” Lukas Haynes, age 12, grade 7, St. Robert Bellarmine
“Running like the wind,” Luke Lubuz, age 12, grade 6, St. Cornelius
“Looking around your,” Sylvie Manuel, age 14, grade 8, UCLS
“Sanity escapes,” Maria Elena Ruiz, age 13, grade 8, St. Agnes of Bohemia
“Running on clear snow,” Alexandra Suarez, age 10, grade 4, St. Daniel the Prophet
“It lights up the night,” Audrey Volk, age 12, grade 6, St. Daniel the Prophet

We look forward to seeing you at our 7th Annual Awards Program: Saturday, 30 April 2011, 10:00 am, Harold Washington Library, 400 South State Street. Special Guests include poet John S. O’Connor and City of Chicago Poetry Fest’s keynote, Prof. Nikki Giovanni.

To all poets, teachers and parents: Ashe, arigato, gracias, thanks ad infinitum,

Regina Baiocchi
Founder, Haiku Festival
312-253-7453 voice mail

PS: You may invite as many guests as you’d like to this FREE program.

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