Friday, July 31, 2009

Star-Telegram: 'Variations on a Theme of Django Reinhardt by Leo Brouwer' has 'wistful melody'

[Leo Brouwer (b. 1939)]

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Friday, Jul 31, 2009
“Marko Feri offers new classical guitar music that’s full of personality”
By CHRIS SHULLSpecial to the Star-Telegram
FORT WORTH — “You would characterize Marko Feri’s solo guitar concert Thursday as classical. But pieces by four living composers owed a huge debt to jazz, pop, folk, even rock — contemporary influences heartily embraced by today’s guitarists and composers. Each piece on the program at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was serious and intelligently presented by Feri, a Slovenian who lives and teaches in Italy. Three of the works are sonatas and the fourth a theme and variations — epitomes of classical forms. But the sound and feel of the music was pop, its coherence conveyed through comfortable chord changes and rippling, repeated 'licks' familiar to any jazz player or garage-band rocker. Dissonant 'outside' notes brightened the colors and sharpened the musical poetry. Under Feri’s sensitive fingers, liveliness prevailed; he charged moody introspection with lovely stillness.”

“In Variations on a Theme of Django Reinhardt by Leo Brouwer of Cuba — the most renowned composer on the program — Feri brought delicate but decisive machinations to the patterns of the wistful melody. [The Afro-Cuban composer, guitarist and conductor Leo Brouwer (b. 1939) is profiled at]

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