Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fanfare: Tania León's “Bailarin” is “the work of a modern composer ringing her changes”

Fanfare Magazine February 11, 2008: David Starobin: FAMILY ALBUM on BRIDGE
Written by Robert Schulslaper
“David Starobin is one of America’s best-known guitarists, the dedicatee of 350 scores by such composers as Elliot Carter, George Crumb, Lukas Foss, Gunther Schuller, Poul Ruders, and Milton Babbitt, among many others, and the founder of Bridge records. His Family Album includes the work of four composers (besides himself) whom the guitarist fondly regards as 'old friends and collaborators—virtually family.'”

Tania León was born in Cuba, but resides in New York. Bailarín ('Dancer') strikes a Latin pose, but the result is more Cubist than traditional portraiture. In other words, León uses patterns and rhythms that allude to conventional dances, but abstracts and recombines the elements in unexpected ways. Starobin puts it perfectly: 'Bailarín ’s insistent groove might spring from Tania’s Caribbean origins, but the piece is very much the work of a modern composer ringing her changes.'” Full Post

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