Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sergio A. Mims - Chineke! Orchestra profiles Their Player of the Month: Maya Moh

Maya Moh

Sergio A. Mims forwards this news:

Player of the Month: Maya Moh

February 1, 2017
Welcome back to the second installment of our 'Player of the Month' feature!

Each month we feature one of our fantastic Chineke! or Chineke! Junior artists, and discuss with them their experiences, what Chineke! means to them, and any advice they might give to aspiring musicians.

Our first Player of the Month for 2017 is the multi-talented Chineke! Junior Orchestra violinist, Maya Moh!

Maya's outstanding artistic talent has been evident from a young age. She is currently a music, drama and academic scholar at St Edmunds School Canterbury where she has been voraciously playing the violin, singing, dancing and acting.

Maya began studying the violin with Caroline Lumsden at the age of 6. Due to her rapid progress she was subsequently offered a scholarship at St Edmunds School Canterbury at the age of 8. At the age of 9 she won a place at the National Children's Orchestra and within the same year she achieved a distinction in her grade 5 violin exam. Since then, Maya has successfully auditioned and won a place at the National Children's Orchestra for 4 years in a row.

Recently Maya successfully auditioned to become a member of the Canterbury Girls Choir. She also enjoys choral singing immensely. Last year she performed with st Edmunds school in a collaborative project involving St Edmund, Oxford and St Edmunds Ware in Pontigny Abbey, Auxerre France. 

Last year Maya won first place for her violin composition Winter's Coming. Introduction and Variations at the St Edmunds Music Festival.

Maya successfully auditioned for a place at the Royal Academy of Music Junior Department in London on the violin where she currently has weekly violin lessons with celebrated violinist Nicole Wilson. 

Maya holds an AYM Joan Scrutton Music Trust Award and is supported by both the EMI music sound foundation as well as the Cherry Tree Foundation.

In 2016, Maya took part in the Maidstone Music Festival and won first place in the Open Concerto class. Maya currently leads the South London Youth Orchestra, where she is one of the youngest players, and is also a member of the Chineke! Junior Orchestra. 

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