Sunday, July 27, 2008

Revival Arts Blog: Celso Machado at Mission Folk Festival

[Celso Machado at Mission Folk Festival in Fraser River Heritage Park, British Columbia, Canada;]

Revival Arts Blog, July 27, 2008:
“We’re hanging out at the Mission Folk Music Festival this weekend. Jason and I are huge fans of world music so we’re grooving to the sounds of Ireland, Canada, Africa, Asia and South America. Just like theatre is a welcome break from movies, seeing music performed live has a fresh vitality that can rarely be captured in recordings. Of course Jason is bringing the camera to the festival and is constantly scanning the performers and crowd for interesting things to take pictures of. We love people watching at the Mission Folk Music Festival as the people are as colourful as the music." [Celso Machado (b. 1953) is a globe-trotting Afro-Brazilian guitarist, singer and composer who now lives in Canada but still performs far and wide. His personal website is and he is also profiled at]

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jason said...

Thanks for your comment and link on your blog! It was wonderful to read up on Celso Machado and listen to some of his music on your website.

Even though we only saw him perform a little, he was one of the highlights of the Mission Folk Music Festival. His love and dedication to music was evident in everything he did from body percussion, to getting the crowd involved, to playing guitar and to creating new sounds with his water bottle. Our 5 year old son was transfixed and giggling through much of his performance.