Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ronée Boyce of Toronto: 'Neapolitan Connection's Concert Season 4 Has Much In Store...Musically'

Ronée Boyce

Ronée Boyce is an African-Canadian concert pianist and Artistic Director of The Neapolitan Connection Concert Series in Toronto.  AfriClassical has featured her since 2011.  

Ronée Boyce writes:

As Neapolitan Connection's 3rd concert season closes, Season 4 proudly awaits its triumphant opening this fall in October 2014. Season 4 will present some of North America's premiere performing artists in high-level concert productions at Toronto's Montgomery's Inn Museum and CBC Glenn Gould Studio. Having already unleashed many innovative concert productions over the past 3 seasons, Neapolitan Connection dares to soar to even greater musical heights and unveil new creative artistic depths. Here are some of the key things to look forward to in Season 4.
Firstly, Neapolitan Connection is very proud to present 3 brand new season subscriptions. As a piano artist born with synesthesia, I am simply elated about the new SOUNDCOLORS Series, my personal artistic contribution to season 4. In this unique new series, I will be joined by other synesthete artists and experts to further explore the rare and intriguing phenomenon of visualizing color upon hearing sound. 70's & 80's CLASSICALS is the next new subscription, featuring 3 delightful classical concerts infused with a 'classic retro' vibe. OPERA-TUNITIES is a new 3 concert vocal subscription addition, and is a particularly attractive option for singing enthusiasts much as the name suggests. 
Secondly, among the many new prominent artists featured in season 4, Canadian concert pianist Maxim Bernard will grace Neapolitan Connection's performance stage in November 2014, preceded in October 2014 by young award-winning American virtuoso violinist Andrew Sords and the vocally-stunning soprano Allison Arends. Musical intensity will continue increasing during the return of the colder winter season, with the much-anticipated return of sensational New York concert pianist Martin Söderberg. Parisian cellist Gwendeline Lumaret, the Juno-winning Lemon Bucket Orkestra, the Neapolitan String Quartet and dynamic 15-year-old piano sensation Anastasia Rizikov will also be certain to dazzle and electrify audiences.

Finally, in addition to this impressive performance roster, The 2015 Student Piano Competition with its junior and senior categories for piano entrants will allow fellow community musicians of all ages to have an active role in sharing music onstage. If you are a music educator, parent or student, please visit www.neapolitanconnection.com for more event and registration information.
In season 4, expect to be fully intrigued and mystified by Neapolitan Connection's productions as it continuously turns classical recital performance on its head. With a total of 19 concerts, 7 concert subscriptions, plus museum tours, tea and treats, there is something to enjoy for everyone in attendance. I encourage you emphatically to come and experience the new and exciting musical story Neapolitan Connection creates, as art in its purest form is unveiled and created before your eyes on the performance stage.
Musically Yours,
R. Boyce


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