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John Malveaux: Part 19-LBCAA 30 year history

Phoenix Park-Kim

Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun

John Malveaux of 

Part 19-LBCAA 30 year history

In 2011, an announcement of a new CD titled DEEP RIVER by pianist Phoenix Park-Kim of music by African American composers captured my attention and expanded my appreciation of classical music. After befriending Phoenix Park-Kim, she introduced me to other Korean artists. Phoenix Park-Kim and cellist Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun accepted invitations to perform during August 18, 2013, 50th Anniversary March for Freedom & Jobs & I Have a Dream speech concert (Part 18).

The April 29, 1992 Los Angeles Riots was the most destructive U.S. civil disturbance of the 20th century. Bad relations between the Korean and African American communities persisted in 2014. MusicUNTOLD partnered with the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles and cellist Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun to present an April 25, 2014 concert titled “Symphony of Brotherhood” at the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles hosted by Dennis Bartel-KUSC Classical radio 91.5 FM. The intent and hope was to improve relations between members of both communities. The first half of concert included excerpts from speech by Dr. King and the video recorded world premiere of “Candle Light” composed by Joopoong Kim and sung by soprano Jumi Kim in the Korean language from August 18, 2013 “Symphony of Brotherhood” concert. The second half of concert featured live performances by cellist Kristen Yeon-Ji Kim, violinist Alejandro Gomez Guillen, pianist Arthur Houle from Colorado Mesa University. Congress woman Karen Bass and California Assembly member Richard Bloom provided certificates of recognition to the three performing artist from Colorado Mesa University, Dennis Bartel-KUSC Radio, Tammy Chung-Korean Cultural Center and John Malveaux-MusicUNTOLD 

MusicUNTOLD presented joint piano recitals by Phoenix Park-Kim and Hye-Young Suh in Los Angeles at Wilshire United Methodist Church August 12 and Angelus Plaza Senior Housing August 14, 2014.  Hye-Young Suh performed works by Korean contemporary composers during the first half of the recital and Phoenix Park-Kim performed pieces by American composers including African American composer R. Nathaniel Dett during the second half of the recital. The concluding piece was “Sanjo” performed by both artists with four hands on the piano. 

On August 15, 2014, MusicUNTOLD presented pianists Hye-Young Suh and Phoenix Park-Kim during the spectacularly beautiful Bell Ringing Ceremony celebrating the 69th anniversary of the Koran Liberation Day at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro

See pic1 Phoenix Park-Kim, pic2-Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun, pic3-Invitation from Korean Friendship Bell Preservation Committee

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