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Sinfo-Nia's 2017 Summer Camp Concert and "One Love" Jamaica Performance Tour

David E. Robinson III writes:

Greetings Orchestral Music Community,

The Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia Youth Orchestra of Metropolitan Atlanta (founded in 1990) is so blessed to have a wonderful group of talented students with great motivation, character, and leadership qualities. The atmosphere for motivational learning, leadership training, professional development, and nurturing is fantastic. We are currently holding our 28th annual two-week Summer Camp (which will mark 27 years) June 12-23, 2017 at First Congregational Church located at 105 Courtland St., Atlanta, GA 30303. We accept string players beginning at the age of five. We offer instruction on violin, viola, cello, and double bass on the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Whether in town or out of town, our Summer Camp Concert, "We Jammin'" will take place Thursday, June 22, 2017, 6:30 PM at First Congregational Church located at 105 Courtland St., Atlanta, GA 30303.  Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for child.  We will perform our Jamaica trip repertoire; some reggae, some Jamaica-influenced gospel, and so on.  In addition to the ticket sale, you may also make your contributions to our trip there as well.  

The Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia Orchestra of Metropolitan Atlanta (founded in 1990) started its fund raising campaign for its "One Love" Jamaica Performance Tour, which will take place July 2-13, 2017.  We need to offset the cost for each student to go.  There are several students that may not get to go because their parents cannot afford it, which is why we are holding this special fundraiser.  So far we have gotten some contributions on GoFundMe and our website (and via "snail-mail").  We are not quite there yet, but we still have time. 

There is another important component.  We are collaborating with the National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica.  In order for them to rehearse and perform with us, they need local bus transportation to get to and from the rehearsals and performances.  They also need to be fed lunch while they are with us.  These students come from no-income family households.  These students have a lot of determination and hope.  Playing a musical instrument may be their gateway to success in any field of human endeavor.  They love to perform.  We will learn their stories when we meet them as we have heard some so far. 

We will be a part of the “Jamaica 55” Celebration of its independence. We will be collaborating with the National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica (NYOJ) - sharing, performing together as one, having fun, etc. This will truly be a network experience as well as a great collaboration in bringing awareness of a variety of orchestral music not only to Jamaica, but worldwide. Sinfo-Nia has been granted "peer ambassador" status by Jamaica's Prime Minister of Culture, Entertainment, Gender, and Sport. Sinfo-Nia is raising funds for its students to take this trip. We would greatly appreciate your support. Sinfo-Nia is accepting donations in any amount. One method is via snail-mail sent to:

P.O. Box 42732
Atlanta, Georgia 30311-0732

Payments can also be made on our website at via PayPal.  Here is our GoFundMe website:

Although I attached a Sponsorship Package requesting large donations, we are expecting donations in any amount.  However, please pass that package along to big businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. that you may know.  Also, if you work for a government agency (the city, the state, the county, MARTA, a health organization, etc.) or know people that do, we would like some small trinkets like pens, penlights, key rings, water bottles, bumper stickers, writing pads, even T-shirts, etc.; you know, those "giveaways" these agencies have on special occasions (career fairs, college fairs, health fairs, job fairs, etc.)..  We would like to fill about 30-35 gift bags for these students in Jamaica, which would be a token of our love and friendship across the waters from metropolitan Atlanta.  You may send them to our mailing address.     

Sinfo-Nia has taught over a thousand students through these 27 years providing quality instruction.We have decided that we would travel to Jamaica, other Caribbean Islands, and, eventually, (more trips back to) the Motherland Africa.  The students and their parents were very excited.  Our students will get to perform with orchestra students in Jamaica.  Already we are finding that to travel to Jamaica is almost the same cost as these six-day music conventions (maybe even cheaper than some of those cities) we used to travel to.; twice as many days. 

Your support would greatly be appreciated.  We thank you for your prayers, encouragement, donations, and so on. Have a blessed day. 

David E. Robinson III 
Founder & Artistic Director
Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia

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