Sunday, June 11, 2017

James Greeson: BBC Radio 3 to celebrate five forgotten female composers with ambitious recording project [Florence B. Price]

Florence B. Price (1887-1953)
is featured at

Five academics will work with Radio 3 to find music by forgotten women composers [Shirley Thompson, center]

James Greeson, Professor Emeritus of the University of Arkansas, writes:

BBC Radio has a new initiative to feature 5 "Forgotten Women Composers" and Florence Price is one of the 5.  Here is a link to their website discussing it.

James Greeson adds that Dr. Shirley Thompson will be focused on Florence B. Price: 

She has just emailed me and I'm sharing my images of Price's orchestral scores that are in our Special Collections library so she can see what her options are.

   I also was happy to learn that BBC Radio 3 did in fact broadcast performances of Price's "Piano Concerto" and "Ethiopia's Shadow in America" that they performed back in January 2015 just before our Price Symposium at the University of Arkansas.  At that time they didn't confirm that broadcast these pieces, but in fact they did, and they have been rebroadcast a few times as well.

   So things are going very well for Florence Price's legacy... 


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