Saturday, June 10, 2017

Crain's Detroit Business: Dworkin plays a new tune with science fiction novel

Ethos: Rise of Malcolm
Aaron Dworkin

Aaron Dworkin

By Sherri Welch

June 9, 2017

Just when you thought Sphinx Organization founder Aaron Dworkin couldn't get any more creative, he's written a science fiction novel.
Dworkin has taken up a pen instead of a violin, putting to paper the story of David, a 48-year-old divorced accountant from Flint who finds himself drawn into the Planet Ethos world 500 years in the future. There, his native Flint still exists in a place mixing racially tolerant humans with avian species that have devolved to resemble ancient pterodactyls.
According to the cover of Ethos: Rise of Malcom, "Flint and Detroit are locked in a dangerous, violent conflict, a war that could annihilate the human race or secure lasting peace for the first time in history. Along with his adopted teenage son, Malcolm, David learns that on Ethos, humans have evolved the genetic capacity for immortality, a trait they earn by discovering their purpose in life, or their ethos."
The novel is due out in February and available for presale at for $15.95.
While Dworkin's latest project is a departure from his longtime focus on fostering and lifting up minority classical musicians and teaching all musicians to be entrepreneurial in their craft, it's not his first time authoring a book.
He's helped shine a light on musicians of color since his founding of Sphinx 21 years ago, bringing them to classical music stages around the country, including Carnegie Hall in 2004.
More recently, first as dean and now as a faculty member of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, he's advancing creative entrepreneurship and leadership among musicians.

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