Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SelamtaMagazine.com: Girma Yifrashewa: A Classical pianist sharing Ethiopian melodies with the world [Ethiopian National Theater June 18]

Girma Yifrashewa
(Ian Douglas/New York Times)

Although it is not part of Ethiopia’s traditional musical heritage, the piano has attracted recent generations of musicians looking to perform newer expressions of the country’s music. Yet few pianists — whether from Ethiopia or elsewhere across Africa — have gained  as much international acclaim as Girma Yifrashewa. Following in the tradition of the famous Jerusalem-based Ethiopian nun Emahoy Tsege-Maryam Gebru, whose piano music records have captivated fans around the world for over five decades, Ato Girma blends classical and Ethiopian elements to create his own distinct musical style. With a repertoire that features the compositions of Chopin and Mozart alongside his own original works, he has performed for numerous audiences in Africa, Europe and North America, gaining rave reviews from The New York Times, BBC and numerous other media outlets. 

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