Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rick Robinson: We have two concerts this week: Thu. Jan. 26 7:30 Amadeus a Go Go, Lake Orion, MI; Sun. Jan. 29 3pm Mozart Turns Into a Bar, Commerce Twp, MI

Rick Robinson writes:

January 24, 2017

Hello Friend,     
Well, it's been a full five years since I quit my DSO position to take CutTime® further along the evolutionary path of sharing the power and joys of classical and esp. symphonic music with broader communities across the nation. (It's been 22 years since I first started.) By many measures I have failed-- not completely, but failed nonetheless-- to draw support beyond the Knight Foundation project that ended last February. Nearly every single application last year for a fellowship, grant, showcase, partnership, donor, sponsorship, and composer readings, was rejected. And recordings are not the golden path they used to be.

On the other hand, CutTime has made incredible artistic progress, exposing untold thousands of non-traditional listeners to classical and many hundreds of young musicians to methods of how to refresh classical as fun and entertaining experiences. Given the political upheaval in Washington, I believe these methods will prove increasingly useful across the country.

It has always been the right thing to do, to make very accessible through words and actions the beauty, power and wisdom of this unique European instrumental tradition, and esp. the great masterpieces that belong to all humanity as part of the public domain. CutTime has been a users manual: a practical guide to immediate connection.

Dan Winnick, Leslie DeShazor, Rick, Mike List, Molly Hughes

It goes without saying that such work, as unpopular as it still is both within and outside the fine arts worlds, would not be possible without financial support. But it IS necessary work. And through fiscal agency such as Fractured Atlas provides and The Miami Foundation provided, we've raised $78,000. 

So I want to thank all of our donors by doing good work, and to praise James B. Nicholson and Barbara VanDusen for sticking with us when the ice looked thinnest. Without true believers with some deep pockets, the work of real change doesn't happen. I'm still in a position to develop New Classical as a positive change agent... but only until my back gives out.

That said, we have two Detroit concerts this week for you:

See the calendar or the links for details and please join us!
In recent news Simfonica played well for 2600 at TEDx Detroit in October (pictured top) and are still waiting for the promised video. In November Simfonica played for the reintroduction of the beautiful Fisher Building lobby in Detroit (pictured below). In December CutTime Players inspired both the Rocky River community outside Cleveland, as well as the local musicians we hired to play it! We were immediately re-engaged for August 17 and each musician hoped to be available.

Going forward I will continue to push for all of the above, sub into orchestras to get by, and network for collaborative partnerships, including millennial musicians. But this year, I will concentrate more locally, compose new works without commission, and even look for a part-time position. We'll also revive the Classical Revolution Detroit series with volunteer musicians on a bi-monthly basis.

Keep an eye out for sudden additions and please continue to contribute to its success with your presence, referrals & dollars
because EVERYONE deserves classical music!
- Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)

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Thanks again Bill! Happy New Year. -Rick Robinson

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