Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! Proceeds from your purchase of any of these book titles benefit the African Musical Arts. Much gratitude to all of you who help us.

Fred Onovwerosuoke

Newly published piano concerto by Fred Onovwerosuoke, commissioned by Coro Allegro of Boston, Massachusetts. Available for rental AFTER the March 12, 2017 World Premiere in Boston. Click on image for review copies... 

Miriam Makeba: Mama Africa the Musical by multiple award winning film director, Niyi Coker. Jr.

"I read the story of Miriam Makeba’s life, and am so amazed and impressed by all she did to help to bring an end to apartheid. I just wish I had got to know about Miriam before she died." Veronica Patrick, London, UK. 
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Newly published quintet for flutes by Fred Onovwerosuoke, commissioned by Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish for the Stewart Music Society of Florida. "Delectably composed, intended..." and highly recommended for all aficionados of flute choirs out there. Score, instrumental parts and practice MP3 Midi available. Click on image for details

New book & accompanying CD combo.  In this collection, Professor G. Foli Alorwoyie has collaborated with Dr. David Locke, professor of musicology at Tufts University, to lay down for intending practitioners to follow, a methodic revival of the "old school" style of Agbadza music tradition - one in which song and drum are intimately intertwined.
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The "delicately beautiful" quintet by Fred Onovwerosuoke. The second (No. 2) of his Rhapsodies for Wind Quintet series,  and subtitled "Malaika," literally, My Angel in KiSwahili language, is based on the endearing East African folk song that was made popular by the legendary South African icon, Miriam Makeba. Full score, plus parts for flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, horn in F and bassoon, available exclusively from AMP! Click on image for details

Professor Akin Euba, the hugely acclaimed music theorist, explores the wide landscape of Yoruba drum traditions, with particular emphasis on the "dundun" talking drum. 548 pages of diligent research, carefully annotated with drawings, photos and musical notation of excerpts. Click on image for details.

Happy New Year! Proceeds from your purchase of any of the book titles above benefit the African Musical Arts. Much gratitude to all of you who help us articulate our mission to empower communities through the enriching power of music. Thank you for helping to support children, youth, and audiences in our St. Louis community and beyond. To learn more about what your donation supports visit: www.africarts.org/donate
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Gratitude beyond words, Bill. We're much humbled by the mark our AMP has made, and in time, more inroads planned. Blessings...  F.  [Fred Onovwerosuoke]

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