Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Violist Jameel Martin is Winner of 2016 Jerome Wright Scholarship at Catskill High Peaks Festival for Outstanding Young Instrumentalists, Praises Faculty

Jerome Wright

Jameel Martin

Violist Jerome Wright writes:

Greetings Bill and best throughout  the holidays and in the New Year!

Please go to the website below to see the 2016 winner of my scholarship.
He is a gifted violist  Graduate  student enrolled at the Julliard School of Music.
On  April 28, 2017 I will perform  the complete Sonatas for Cello and Piano of Beethoven
In Carnegie Hall. I will send further details in April.
Jerome Wright   
Dear Mr. Wright,
We thought you might like to see the Jerome Wright Scholarship recipient on the main page of our website. His comments on the festival were so wonderful, we had to put him on the main page:
Thank you again for your generosity in sponsoring Jameel Martin, which enabled him to have this experience. 
Alicia Zaludova
Communications Coordinator
Catskill High Peaks Festival
Close Encounters With Music

Comment by email: 
Dear Bill,  Much thanks for the posting.  Every year I send a gifted  young African Amrican musician to study Chamber Music  with Yehuda Hanani at his summer retreat.  Will talk soon.  Jerome  [Jerome Wright] 

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