Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Esoterics, an a cappella choir, will perform a cappella works of Ulysses Kay in Centennial Year of His Birth, Jan. 6, 7, & 8, 2017 in Seattle, W. Seattle & Tacoma

The African American composer Ulysses Kay was born on January 7, 1917 in Tucson, Arizona. He died in Englewood, New Jersey on May 20, 1995. Prof. Dominique-René de Lerma of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin has generously made his research entry on Ulysses S. Kay(1917-1995) available to AfriClassical.com. The research includes a complete Works List for the composer, which can be found on the Ulysses Kay page.

Nicholas Kasovac writes:


My name is Nick Kasovac and I'm a singer/Board member of The Esoterics (www.theesoterics.org), an a cappella choir in the Seattle area.  The short version of this email is:  We are preparing to perform a concert of Ulysses Kay's a cappella choral works in celebration of his birth 100 years ago.  Concert dates are Jan 6, 7, 8 2017 in Seattle, West Seattle and Tacoma.  I'm sending this email per chance you would be interested to know about this performance and/or you know someone else who also would be interested.  If you have reason to be in the Seattle area that weekend, please join us!  Also, we're hoping you may have contact with Kay's daughters and would forward the information to them.  We'd like to extend an invitation to them, but don't have their contact information. I realize it's somewhat late notice, but I thought I'd take a chance rather than letting the opportunity slip by.

Here's the longer explanation how Professor Kay's music was chosen for our concert:

As part of The Esoterics' vision, we promote "lesser-known contemporary choral" works, hence the name.  One way we accomplish that task is our annual centennial celebration concerts.  Our director, Eric Banks (www.ericbanks.com), searches each year for composers who were born 100 years previously, researches the extent of their a cappella portfolio, determines if it fits within our programming, acquires the scores, then schedules and plans rehearsals/performances.  Most typically, we perform works that most people have never heard or tend to be lesser known.  For example, we have celebrated Georgy Sviridov, Milton Babbitt, and Irving Fine with centennial concerts.  

If, by chance, you know anyone in the Seattle area, please feel free to let them know as well.  We have started rehearsals last week and are excited to perform this terrific music.

Please let me know if you need more information or anything else.  We would LOVE to have you (and anyone else you think would be interested to) join us for what will certainly be a memorable concert!  If you're able to contact his family on our behalf, we would be most grateful too.  Thank you for your time.

Most sincerely,
Nick Kasovac
Board member, The Esoterics

P.S. I've attached the "coaster cards" we're using for marketing of this concert.
P.P.S.  Some of the music is simply gorgeous!

Comments by email:

1) Thank you Bill!  That's fantastic and we appreciate your efforts.  Happy holidays to you!  Nick  [Nicholas Kasovac]

2)  Thank you so much, Bill!  We really appreciate your help. This is going to be such a fantastic concert.  e  [Eric Banks]

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